Introduction to Movements and Yoga Basics

Introduction to Movements and Yoga Basics


A 10 Sessions Beginner’s Course about the fundamentals of Yoga.

4 May to 25 May | Tuesday Thursday Saturday | 8 AM

INR 1000 only


Our introductory “Yoga experience,” is designed for those who are in a quest to find their inner peace while linking breath with movement to build strength as you push the edge of your balance and flexibility!


A 10-sessions course comprises of discussion, demonstration and practice.


It will introduce you to yoga at a relaxed pace, step-by-step; where you’ll learn basic yogic breathing techniques and get to know some of the most frequently experienced yoga postures.


We at Kohamfit assure you that you will begin to understand what yoga lifestyle means so prepare to try your first Yoga experience with confidence.


Experience the weightlessness when you glide, float and sail into a blissful final relaxation where the mind and body are aligned!


To enroll,

Whatsapp 744 781 5781

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