Soorya Namaskara

Soorya Namaskara – A workshop by Soorya Namaskara Alliance and Koham Fit

Teachers – Sucheta Kadethankar and Neha Kadethankar



1 Sept to 8 Sept 2021

Days: Total 8 Days  All days in a week.


Choose from the following two batches:

——Batch 1: 8-9 AM

——Batch 2: 7-8 PM


1200/- INR only


What will you learn?

— Traditional Soorya Namaskara from Hatha Yoga.

— Scientific way to perform Soorya Namaskars with breathing, beej mantra and drishti.

— Mobility drills for warming up and mobilizing shoulder and hip joints.

— A few modifications (if needed) to make Soorya Namaskars easy and accessible for different body types.

— 12 to 24 Soorya Namaskars non stop with Beej Mantras by the end of the workshop


Who can participate?

Anyone above the age of 12 who wants to learn Soorya Namaskars.


What is included in fees?

— 8 days of online sessions. Each session of one hour 15 minutes.

— A reference manual in PDF

— A companion audio track to practice Soorya Namaskars on your own.

— Certificate of completion at the end of the workshop from Soorya Namaskara Alliance.


To Register

WhatsApp on 7447815781